The Monterey County Department of Public Works is in charge of roads, gutters, and guardrails in Carmel Views.  They also deal with trees that are within about 15 feet of the edge of the roads. Their telephone numbers are 831-755-4925 and 831-755-4800.

You can also report a non-urgent problem, like a pothole or broken gutter, by contacting Lynette Redman. She is in charge of County Service Areas, and Carmel Views is in County Service Area 47.  Lynette’s email address is and her telephone number is (831) 796-6038.

To report an urgent problem, like a fallen tree blocking a road, call 911.


Monterey County replaced the guardrails on upper Outlook Drive and repaired the guardrails on Pine Hills Drive in 2018.  The County did not have enough funds to install guardrails on lower Outlook Drive where it crosses a canyon after passing through a cut in the hillside (between 25085 and 25275 Outlook Drive).


In 2017, the membership voted to amend the CC&Rs and eliminate the requirements for Board approval of buildings, improvements, fences, and lot line adjustments.  This means that the Association is no longer doing architectural review.  Members still need to obtain any permits required by Monterey County, but they do not need to submit their plans to the Association.

Click here to see the amended CC&Rs.


Thanks to those who removed or stowed non-conforming cars, trucks and trailers so they are not visible from the roadway.  A few remain.  We would really appreciate the cooperation of those who have vehicles with expired plates, even if they are “hiding” under a cover.  Ditto for commercial work trailers and house trailers, which cannot be parked openly on your property.


Monterey County requires a permit for any fences built or modified in Carmel Views.  Please contact the County Planning Department at 831-755-5025 if you are planning to build a fence.


The entry walls were patched and painted in 2016. This work was jointly funded by our Association and the Rancho Rio Vista Property Owners Association. We are planning to have them pressure washed in 2023.

Carmel, CA