Most of us received a copy of the CC&Rs and Bylaws upon purchasing our home in Carmel Views.  These are the legal documents that our Board of Directors follows to provide governance for the Association and in support of our members.

CC&Rs stands for Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.  This original 1967 declaration is the basis for the preservation of the character and ambiance that defines Carmel Views.  Please revisit this document to be reminded of what makes your neighborhood so special.  It was written 50 years ago and revised only twice.  The Bylaws establish the Board of Directors, the process for electing directors, and the duties of the directors.  The Bylaws have never been revised.
CVCA CCRs (Photocopy) 2017-12-06
CVCA Bylaws (Photocopy)

The links above are for photocopies of documents filed with Monterey County.  They include the signatures of the people who signed them.  However, they can be difficult to read and they cannot be searched.  Here are the same documents without the signatures, in a form that you can search.
CVCA CCRs 2017-12-06
CVCA Bylaws


Community associations like ours are governed by a California law called the Davis Stirling Act.  It spells out in detail what the Association, the Board, and the members of CVCA can do.  If there is a conflict between the Act and our CC&Rs, the Act takes precedence.  The California legislature rewrote the Act in 2014, and continues to amend it every year.  Click here for the latest version of the Act.


CVCA and the Rancho Rio Vista Property Owners Association have agreed to share the costs of maintaining areas where they have a common interest, like the entrance walls.  Here is the agreement that defines these areas and the costs that the associations share.
RRVPOA-CVCA Cost Sharing Agreement 2015-07-10


If you see a problem that the Board needs to address, please fill out the following form and send it to the Association’s post office box.
Homeowner Request Form 2017-12


Here are newsletters published by the Association during 2014 and 2015.  The newsletters have been replaced by this website.
Newsletter Spring 2014
Newsletter Summer 2014
Newsletter Autumn 2014
Newsletter Spring 2015


Here’s a great way to get to know the lay of the land in your neighborhood.  Can you find your property?  Your community park?  There are several parcels labeled as Scenic Easements that are owned by your Association.  These are often called the “common areas.”  Two of the parcels owned by the Association appear on a map of Rancho Rio Vista.  The east and west entry walls are on these parcels.
Assessor’s Map P03
Assessor’s Map P41
Assessor’s Map P42
Assessor’s Map P43
Assessor’s Map P52
Assessor’s Map RRV P04
Assessor’s Map RRV P05
Assessor’s Map RRV P06
Assessor’s Map High Meadows
LAFCO Map Carmel Views
LAFCO Map Rancho Rio Vista
Carmel Views Common Areas
Carmel Views Common Areas With Entry

Carmel, CA