Slow Down

It seems like there is never enough time to get things done.  Please allow an extra few minutes for your commute.  Practice “No Hurry, No Worry.”  Keep yourself and your neighbors safe by abiding by all traffic laws.  Stay under the posted 25 MPH speed limit and be alert for pedestrians, deer, and other wild or domestic animals.  If you happen to witness unsafe driving, please jot down the license plate number and call the California Highway Patrol at 831-796-2100.



Give us a hand keeping our community clean and disease free.  If you walk your Fido on public or community property, including the park and the fire road, please pick up your dog’s waste immediately – pursuant to County Code.  Place it in a plastic bag and dispose of it properly – in the trash.  If you see a dog that is loose frequently, or a chronic problem area, please report it to Animal Control at 831-769-8856.


Scenic Sign

Anything that falls into the canyons becomes trash or fuel (or both).  Please do not throw anything in the canyons.  They are part of our neighborhood and one of the things that makes Carmel Views special.  Even yard waste is inappropriate in the canyons.  The Association has been trying to reduce the fuels in the canyons so a fire is less likely to burn there and firefighters have a better chance of containing a fire if it does occur.  Please help us keep the canyons beautiful and safe.


Please make sure that your home is secure.  Consider installing security cameras and motion activated outdoor lighting.  If you see suspicious activity in the neighborhood, please call the Monterey County Sheriff’s non-emergency number: 831-647-7911 or 831-755-5111.


We have a problem with people drinking, driving and casting bottles and cans to the side of roads in Carmel Views.  Driving Under the Influence is illegal and dangerous, and it can be deadly.  It is also costly.  If you are arrested for DUI, you will have towing and impound fees, bail, and attorney and court costs. If you are convicted, you will have a permanent blemish on your driving record and an increase your insurance costs.

Please remind your house members, visitors and workers that drinking and driving don’t mix. We all want the roads in the Carmel Views area to be safe for other motorists, cyclists, dog walkers and children.  If you suspect that a driver is drinking or see someone tossing bottles or cans from a car, call the California Highway Patrol at 831-770-8000.  For accidents, injury or property damage call 911.

Carmel, CA